$5 Roots2Rise Yoga? How your attendance impacts your community!

 Winter Rec. Center - Germantown

Winter Rec. Center - Germantown

$5 Yoga! How does it work?  How does your attendance impact others in the city you live in? 

First of all, the cost is intentionally low.  Accessibility and availability is our mission! Everyone deserves to experience the transformational aspects of this practice.  Roots2Rise believes in social change, local activism in the simplest of ways.  WE SHARE WHAT WE LOVE!  You can too.  By attending you help others!

Consider this: Your $5, pays for your class and helps to subsidize classes in underrepresented communities.  Someone is a low income area of the city, someone who doesn't have $5 to pay for class, someone who needs to pause and breathe just like you, just like me.  We want them to attend!  We want them to attend more than you know!! 

When you take care of yourself, you take care of everyone! SHARE WHAT YOU LOVE!