It Begins With The Child

Roots2Rise provides yoga and mindfulness programming to children in educational settings.

We develop program to suit the needs of each schools’s unique student population. Our experienced teachers can work with children who have experienced a high level of trauma and toxic stress and children managing high levels of academic pressure. Our focus is to provide tools and techniques that are practiced regularly by the student. We teach breathing exercises, mindfulness practices, meditation, guided visualizations and physical practice (yoga) as ways to provide coping skills and methods for self-regulation.

Some of the goals of our programs are:

  • To engage the parasympathetic nervous system to regulate the stress response and move students out of fight flight response and thereby decrease reactivity.

  • To increase body awareness.

  • To increase emotional awareness.

  • To increase the ability to stay present and attentive. 

Teacher Enrichment

Roots2Rise teacher enrichment programs introduce teachers to the art of yoga and mindfulness for the classroom.

Just as teachers follow the lead of children’s interests and skills, we invite educators and staff to explore elements of yoga and mindfulness that resonate with each of them personally, helping them to develop their own yoga and mindfulness practice that will support their teaching in the classroom. Through our programs, teachers and staff explore sharing yoga and mindfulness with their students, drawing from a base of developmentally appropriate yoga and mindfulness practices explored during our enrichment programming.